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Who we are.

KentieDesign is a Creative Agency for Designed Reporting working with multinational clients in all timezones. We bring Stories to life, create Appealing corporate branded visual communication, and ultimately bring Design in Workiva. As an Enhanced Design Partner of Workiva, clients find us a reliable partner to work with. Committed to your people, project and story. We embrace transparency in Reporting, and improve Stakeholder Engagement. Get 35 years of Corporate design experience to your next project.

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Ward Kentie | Founder

Our guidance.


We believe Creativity means “Curiosity”. Asking questions, exploring the “Why” of things. Discovering new ideas, connecting unrelated concepts. A Childs view. Curiosity brings us new insights, new people, new projects.


We believe in fostering mutual benefit and creating positive impact through our work. We strive for fair and balanced relationships with our clients, partners, and the environment.

Less is More

We believe in the power of simplicity and minimalist design. By embracing the principle of “less is more,” we strive to create impactful and efficient solutions that minimize noise and maximize effectiveness.

Workiva Enhanced Design Partnership

At KentieDesign, we elevate your project success through our pioneering Workiva Enhanced Design Partnership. Our certified team is trained in the Workiva Enhanced Design Training program and our workflows are optimized around collaborating in the Workiva software. Unlike regular Designers, we are deeply experienced in Workiva and know how to fully leverage the benefits of the Workiva software.

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