We won’t stop until you file!

KentieDesign is a Creative Agency for Designed Reporting. We design stakeholder communication and financial reporting like ESG, Impact, and Annual Report.

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About KentieDesign

KentieDesign is located in the creative hub “De Nieuwe Stad” in Amersfoort, a former industrial location that has been transformed into a breeding ground for the next generation of creatives seeking solutions to future challenges in design, sustainability, energy, and the environment. Being in this inspiring environment helps KentieDesign stay at the forefront of innovative ideas and solutions.

Our Values

Smart solutions

At KentieDesign we create smart conceptual solutions for our clients. Always open to new insights, and eager to learn. Ready to take the extra mile, professional and perseverant. When we’re not working on client projects, you will find us exploring Contemporary Art exhibitions, social projects, IRL Dungeons & Dragons, Cosplay outfits, and Local Brews or Coffee. In random order.


For us, Creativity means “Curiosity”. Asking questions, exploring the “Why” of things. Discover new ideas, connect unrelated concepts. A Childs view. Creativity brings us new insights, new people, new projects. How are you creative?

Hands on

Adding value, meeting timelines, deliver as agreed. Pragmatic, always looking for the best solution. Big or small. We take our tagline: “We won’t stop until you file!” very seriously.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.



Global preferred design partner of Workiva

KentieDesign is highly experienced in Designed Reporting with Workiva. The preferred partnership is a result of years of collaboration with the platform development teams of Workiva. Exchange on usability, typography and graphical workflow. We are experts in design, platform styling, and publishing with the Workiva platform.

How can we help you?

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Ready to elevate your financial reporting? Go next level with our expert design services. Schedule a discovery call and take the next step in creating visually impactful reports. We look forward to working with you and your reporting team!

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We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! —
We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! —