We are passionate about helping ambitious companies create new products and services. Which is why e believe in the importance of a strong relationship with our clients. Working closely together, sharing knowledge and confidentiality is key. Our team of designers is specialised in stakeholder communication at a boardroom level.
We always explore new design and innovations. Hence when we’re not doing client work, we are spending our time visiting contemporary art and photography exhibitions. As a result of our exploring we’ll have a strategic advantage which helps us stay on top of our game and offer the most up to date service to our clients.


We create intelligent solutions, from initial conception and design to delivery and implementation. Regardless of the complexity, we always aim to balance the client’s business goals with a great user experience. In the past 25 years we have built a diverse network of partners who are leaders in their fields of corporate strategy, branding, product design, print, photography and much more. Due to working closely together we make sure that we can meet any opportunity.

How can we help you?

We love to add value to your project, let’s work together on something great, we are team players!

Are you looking for a design solution on a global conference event, boardroom presentations, or your next corporate project? You can count on us to set you up for success. Discover what design can do now, we are experienced!

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Things we do:
Data visualisation (Infographic, Fact Sheet, Process visualisation)
Corporate Identity (Annual Reporting, Integrated Reporting, Visual Identity, Corporate Identity, Intranet)
Style Sheets (Web, Mobile, Workiva wDesk, SharePoint, Momice, SiteFinity, and your platform)
MS Office design (Internal Reporting, Word template, Excel and Powerpoint Presentations)
Digital Marketing (Experience Manager, Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Friesland Campina
Heineken Holding NV
Best Western Hotels & Resorts
BWH Hotel Group
Wolters Kluwer
We love to work with you as well!