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Finding a trustworthy partner for your corporate ESEF-ready iXBRL tagged Annual Report design process is as exciting as it is uncertain. We are experts in designed reporting and experienced in creating Annual Reports with the Workiva wDesk platform. As a partner of Workiva we perform extensive testing for future wDesk platform development.

How can we help you?

Are you looking for a new design partner for your corporate ESEF compliant iXBRL tagged Annual Report? We embraced Designed Reporting with the Workiva wDesk platform years ago. You will experience responsive support from our team throughout the process of design, wDesk styling and publishing to interactive pdf and ESEF-compliant xHTML. We will seamlessly merge content and design to validated xHTML in wDesk.

Become ESEF-compliant by:


Appealing design solutions within Visual Identity

Designed Reporting

Because of a good design your corporate story will resonate with stakeholders. Your reporting will be experienced as accurate hence professional. As FILING IS #1 PRIORITY, our design will contribute to a seamless filing process. First of all we will set goals and milestones with your IR/financial/Legal team. Second we will create consistent layout and informative diagram design solutions. Furthermore we will support your team with additional graphics and visual strategy during the reporting period, all the way to filing date.


All focus on content, let us cover the styling!

Styling in wDesk

Besides setting up the wDesk Style Guide, the text, tables and diagrams will be tagged for text styles in wDesk. As a result your wDesk layout will look like the designed pages. In order to help your team navigate the wDesk document, sections will be reviewed for inconsistencies. Comments in wDesk will be placed and reviewed. Due to our smart and compact workflow on request you will receive a review pdf version of the layout within 4 hrs.


Find your team backed-up by our experts

Team Support

Team comments on styling will be reviewed during the entire process of content creation. As consistency is key, we recommend working close together with our wDesk specialists for a ‘more-eyes’ principle for a better product. As a project owner a full scope is challenging. We will back you up for strategy, consistency and workflow. In addition to this we will review the XBRL tagging in the wDesk document. Due to a smart workflow, most of the ESEF-compliance pressure will be in the setup phase, not close to filing date. Our promise: We won’t stop until you file!


Prevent issues at filing date

Publishing to xHTML

Prior to filing date we will perform tests to be sure the ESEF-compliant xHTML package will be ready for filing, including XBRL tags and layout conversions. In addition to that we will generate an interactive pdf with clickable navigation menu and table of contents. When publishing to print, we will send out a highres pdf file to the printer that meets the printing process requirements.

Why KentieDesign?

With our 30-year track record of creating Designed Annual Reporting for corporates like Heineken, TomTom, Adyen, Philips, Wolters Kluwer, we believe in working close together with corporate teams.

In addition to that we support our clients communicate to stakeholders with services like financial powerpoint presentations, market conference design, stakeholder events, and internal reporting.

Our agency is working closely with teams that report to the Board: Investor Relations, Finance, Legal, Global Tax, Corporate Communications.

We provide a professional service, open to share our knowledge where confidentiality is key. Always positive and open to new insights and improvements regarding idea, solution and process. Our promise: We won’t stop until your goal has been achieved!

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