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Publishing your critical reports like ESG or Annual Report in Workiva is evident. What if you need a designer that is expert in working with Workiva? Look no further! We are highly experienced, preferred partner of Workiva, and ready to set your team up to success. Let us guide you on the “Road to Success” for design reporting. You will be ahead of risks. Get started today!

Road to Success


Robust, aligned process

We provide project owners with a streamlined process that meets your needs and exceed expectations. Trust us to handle the designed reporting process with precision and efficiency.



Working with small teams with a pro-active approach, we easily adapt to your set milestones. While your team is working on content, we focus on planning, comment review and content consistency. Together we will set you up to success.


Annual report information management involves collecting, organizing and analyzing data for the report. To ensure an aligned process, we support the project owner by providing clear guidelines, assigning roles and responsibilities, communication and feedback.

Filing date

To make sure everything adds up at the filing date, we follow internal review, more-eyes principle and a sharp eye for consistency. By conducting regular internal reviews, we identify and resolve any issues and inconsistencies in the report.

A robust process is one that is able to withstand challenges and adapt to changing circumstances, while remaining aligned with the overall goal.

Road to Success


Why KentieDesign

KentieDesign bridges the gap between the Workiva platform and design. We bring your corporate visual identity to the platform. Design, styling, page layout, content linking and document setup. We provide all-day support for any styling issues or comment review. We consider ourselves the go-to experts for designed reporting in Workiva. Providing our clients with a keen eye for consistency and style.



Incorporating corporate visual identity in the design enhances the professional look and feel of the document and aligns it with the company’s branding. Overall, a well-designed financial report will improve the overall impact.


Whether you need assistance with design, working in the platform or have specific questions, we are here for you. With our commitment to your project, you can trust that your financial reporting will be in good hands.


With our expertise and pro-active approach, we won’t stop until you file! Contact us today to learn more about our approach.

Perseverance is the backbone of the annual reporting process, where the ability to persist through challenges is the only way to reach the desired outcome.

Road to Success


Go with the pro’s

At KentieDesign, we take a professional approach to designed reporting. Our team has vast experience in the field, and we understand the importance of accurate and efficient reporting. That’s why we focus on collaboration and open communication with our clients, to ensure that the final product meets their needs. We stand by our tagline, “We won’t stop until you file!”, your success is our top priority. Contact us and let us put our expertise to work for you.



We have been providing expert financial reporting design services for over 35 years. With our extensive experience in the industry and our commitment to excellence, we have helped countless businesses effectively communicate their financial reporting to stakeholders.


We are proud to be a preferred design partner of Workiva. Our extensive experience with Workiva ensures that our clients have access to the most advanced and efficient reporting solutions available today.


We specialize in creating visually stunning financial reports for global clients. Our portfolio include companies like Heineken, TomTom, Barry Callebaut, and Aures Holdings, who trust us with their designed financial reporting needs. On request we could share references of project owners. They are open to share their experience on how it is to work with KentieDesign.

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Ready to elevate your financial reporting? Go next level with our expert design services. Schedule a discovery call and take the next step in creating visually impactful reports. We look forward to working with you and your reporting team!

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We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! —
We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! — We won't stop until you file! —