Workiva Expert.

Work with the go-to Expert in Workiva and become Aligned and Consistent. Achieve milestones with ease and let our styling team support you on a daily basis.

Seamless collaboration. We have your back, and yes, also outside of working hours.

You need a reliable partner to work with in Workiva. One that knows reporting and is experienced in Workiva wDesk. We support your team on a Daily Basis. Always positive and Responsive to your comments. Make sure everything adds up at filing date.

Workiva Enhanced
Design Partner



Reliable Partner

Why KentieDesign?

 All-day styling support

You probably recognize how difficult it is to keep an overview when multiple people are working in different parts of your report. Rely on our styling team, they keep an eye on your goals and flag for inconsistencies.

All content in Workiva Platform
We bring Design in the Workiva document, and make sure all content is linked to your data worksheets. Even the more visual pages with infographics and ESG visual storylines. Live in the document.
Robust, aligned process
Find our workflow smart, efficient, and adapted to your milestones. Possible stress moments are moved from the end to the beginning of the project. We understand a seamless  collaboration with your team is key to a successful filing.

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